How to apply Stencil Shield


Site Preperation

  • Clear away grass from edge of concrete.
  • Do not to hose or sprinkle near the concrete at least 2 days before commencing work.
  • Always use Shieldcoat products with Shieldcoat products.
    • Ordering: Example of an order: 60 sq metre driveway
    • 15 litres Primer Plus
    • 30 litres Standard Base (Gull Grey)
    • 40 litres Stencilshield Top Coat (Old Terracotta)
    • 100 metre roll of Bushrock Stencil Pattern
    • 15 litres Covercoat w
  • Always allow at least 2 days for us to make up your order and to allow for any transport courier time to deliver it.


Application Methods

  • Clean the normal broom finished concrete edges of any grass. Do not apply if concrete is smooth trowel finish. A test patch must be done if this is to be done. Shieldcoat does not however recommend Stencilshield over smooth finished concrete.
  • To clean concrete apply Mouldshield C diluted to 5:1 with water and broom on to concrete to remove mould and oil or grease. Use PPE safety gear.
  • Use at least a 3000 p.s.i. water blaster to clean Mouldshield C and dirt off concrete.
  • When dry, use Slab Repair to fill divots or cracks in concrete. Deep cracks- more than 5ml- may need a small amount of cement powder to set the product off, right through. Then when dry, preferably over night, allowing to completely dry. So no moisture is trapped creating blisters.
  • Apply by roller one coat of Primer Plus. Allow at least 30 minutes to dry then, apply one coat of your chosen Standard Base colour by squeegee to entire surface. This is done by keeping a wet edge and moving away from a small amount of base poured onto concrete. When dry, usually at least 2 hours, (depending on weather conditions) layout stencil or lay down tape for grout lines or pattern. Note:- if tape does not stick reasonably well then Standard Base is not dry enough.
  • When stencil pattern is laid out and held firmly in place with "Blu-Tack", then apply one light 1st coat of Stencilshield Top Coat by using a Texspray or Hopper Gun - 6mm spray nozzle. Med tip. Adjust spray by pressure and tip size, (high pressure ,thin spray)
  • When dry, apply a 2nd coat and concentrate on filling the tile area well. No need to achieve any more than about 1 mm of coating. (½ mm per coat) Fleck colours can be sprayed on at this time.
  • Allow at least 2 hours or preferably over night drying before attempting to remove stencil pattern or tape.
  • Remove stencil pattern the next day. Clean up area.
  • Allow at least one day to cure and harden up, then apply one thin coat of Covercoat w by airless sprayer. Con X can be used as a solvent based harder alternative can be rolled. (Initially the xylene in the product will soften surface) allow up to seven days before driving on
  • Allow at least 3 days for Covercoat w to cure before driving vehicles onto concrete.


Anti-Slip Results

According to ATTAR (Advance Technology Testing & Research) wet slip test, Stencilshield has a rating of 58 where above 54 is a very low risk of slipping. This test using a a Stanley Skid Resistance Tester which meets the AS/NZS 4586-1999 slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials – Appendix A test standards. Stencilshield exceeded the standard test with an excellent result, meaning it has a low risk of slipping.